There are many things that Showtime can do for you.

We email all our handlers at the beginning of each week as a reminder for not only entries, but important details that may impact entry placement.

We can copy you all the details of your entries, keep a hard copy of every entry placed. Send your parking, grooming, and any other rentals you might need for your weekend away. We can create any report you might need to better help make your trip, long or far, easier to navigate.

If you need to know who you entered, where you entered them, and in what class, we have that information for you at the touch of a button.


Whether you choose to call us to place entries or email. Know that your exact details will be emailed to you shortly after placing entries. The name of each dog, the class, the name and date of each show. And no more using your card. Each client is set up on their own account and credit information.

Showtime Entry Service

Give us the name of the client, dogs call name, class, names and dates of shows and you are done!

Adding clients and dogs are as easy as an Akc number. We will find the dog detail, client detail then we can fill in the "blanks" Phone numbers, email, and credit info. EASY!